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+ Is the sea suitable for swimming in?

Yes and no! The sea is suitable for a strong swimmer. We wouldn’t recommend that children swim alone as the rip can be quite strong at times.
During the monsoon season the sea is particularly rough.
Paddling in the shallows is possible all year round!

+ Do you have a swimming pool?

Yes, we do. Our pool is open from 7am – midnight. The safety rules that are on the wall must be followed at all times. The pool is open to all guests. Day visitors are also allowed for a fee of 25usd per person.

+ Is smoking allowed at Arabella on Boossa?

Smoking outdoors is allowed and we have ashtrays available. Smoking is not allowed indoors.

+ Are pets allowed at Arabella on Boossa?

No, sorry.

+ Is there separate nanny accommodation available?

Yes, there is a single room available at a nominal rate per for any personal female staff that may be traveling with you. The room is located in the staff villa.

+ Are children of all ages welcome at Arabella on Boossa?


+ Do you provide beach towels/toys for day trips?

Yes, of course, and if you going to a secluded beach/area our Chef can pack you a hamper for the day! Please co ordinate with our Manager.

+ Are there safes available?

Yes, there is a safe in each bedroom, we recommend that you store your passport, money, jewelry and any electronics ie ipad in the safe at all times besides when not in use.

+ Do you have baby cots available?

Yes, please enquire upon booking.

High chairs and a microwave is available for reheating baby food / milk if you are bringing your own.

+ How do we get around the general area?

Easy! Ask one of our guys to get the Arabella Tuk Tuk ready.

+ What power plugs do you have?

We have british 3 square pin sockets.